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Animal Welfare

Animals are Professional Athletes

In the sport of the rodeo, cowboys and cowgirls share the limelight with the rodeo livestock.  For a contestant to compete the livestock also must be in peak condition.  Both are athletes in their own right.

The San Benito County Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo is dedicated to the welfare of all animals used in the show.  There is always a veterinarian at the event to check any animal that may need assistance and to insure the appropriate treatment of all involved in the rodeo.

Stock contractors, the ranchers who raise and provide livestock to rodeos, also have an obvious financial interest in keeping the animals healthy.   Nearly all have lived and worked around animals for most of their lives, and they possess a high degree of respect and fondness for the livestock.  

Like a well-conditioned athlete, an animal can perform well only if it is healthy.  Any contestant will tell you he can only be successful in competing at a rodeo if the animal is in top form.